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Why are we concerned?

Firstly, every country in the planet has a different set of rules and regulations in terms of everything, starting from the age that is required for driving a vehicle, to casting a vote to certain rules of behavior in terms of how you are expected to behave in public. Thus, while you are thinking of taking easybook langkawi car rental to go about the stretch of the beautiful South Asian country Malaysia, you should be well aware of the road rules to the core, so that your safety and security is not compromised at any cost! As they say, prevention is better than cure, you see!


The Road Rules; Malaysia

While coming to the basic road rules, the basics remain the same that you abide by the signs given at every junction throughout the place. However, to make matters easy, here are some of the most important set of rules associated to Malaysian roads for ones who are behind the steering.

The Road Signs: While Malaysia have a great and developed road system which connects all the parts of the nation pretty efficiently, the road signs are thus in tune with the international standards and thus even if you face any Malay words in the signs, any outsider will be able to deduce the signs with utter ease!

Driving on the road: While driving, you need to keep in mind that the rule says that you need to drive on the left side of the road.

Seat Belts: It is actually mandatory in Malaysia to put on the seat belts whenever you hop onto a car. It is so for both the front-seaters as well as the people at the back too!

Mobile usage rule: It is by order that you cannot attend any mobile phone calls while driving in the nation.

Headlight effect: Added to the above mentioned rules and regulations, another is added in here which says that one needs to turn on the headlights positively while driving on the roads between 19:00 to 7:00.

Children safety aspects: The safety of children who are travelling by car in Malaysia is also taken care of under the nation’s law which says that any child under eight years of age must be mandatorily strapped with a child safety belt.

Speed limit: The average speed limit all over Malaysia is somewhere in between 50 kmph to 70kmph. However, if you are travelling on the North- South highway part, the speed limit goes up to 110 kmph. Make sure that you abide by the speed limit rules as security cameras are all over to hover on your vehicle all through!

The lane facts: While driving in Malaysia, you might notice 3 lane roads, where it is important to understand that the right most is the fast land, middle the middle speed lane and the left most is the slow lane in terms of speed of the vehicle. Hope these tips would add to your safety while driving in Malaysia!

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