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KTM Train Ticket Guide

Visiting Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Singapore will give travellers a great experience. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and it is very popular for tourists who are fond of its cultural heritage and religious artefacts. The distance of Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is not that far and there are 2 popular ways to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore which is by bus or by train.

For people who prefer riding the bus, they travel 6-8 hours and get to experience watching the buildings at a slower pace than riding the train. For people riding the train, there are more comfortable seats or bed awaits them, allowing those passengers to be more comfortable in order to be more energized.

If your travel of choice going to Singapore is by train, then there are 5 things to prepare before riding the Kuala Lumpur to Singapore train that you should know;

Buy train tickets online

If you decide to take the train from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, you should immediately book your tickets online. Booking your tickets online will eliminate the hassle of you lining up to buy tickets at the train station. Another advantage if you purchase your tickets online is that from time to time, you can avail discount promos or special offers from your chosen website.

Be ready for delay schedules 

Sometimes there are delays while taking the train Malaysia. A factor of such delay is maintenance check or mechanical problems. Although the train’s delay does not happen frequently, safety and security for the passengers are a top priority for the people working for the train stations. It is best that you prepare yourself for such problem and be flexible on your itinerary schedules.

Bring your own food and water

While riding the train it is best that you bring your own food and water since there are no free meals on board. The train travels longer than buses (10-11 hours) however it has beds that you can lie down on so you could sleep comfortably unlike riding a bus where have to sit down while sleeping.

Bring inflatable pillow and extra blankets 

When the weather is very cold, the blankets that are provided on the train are not thick enough to keep you warm, which is why you should bring your own blanket. For people who want extra pillows to add more comfort while they are sleeping, it is impossible for them to get an extra pillow especially when the train is fully booked. An inflatable pillow is a convenient way of bringing an extra pillow since it does not take up much space to your luggage.

Always bring an extra printout ticket 


A common mistake for people who are buying tickets online is they tend to forget to print out their tickets. Always make it a habit of printing out your tickets and have an extra copy in case if you misplaced or lost them. Since you will be travelling from one country to another, the level of security is so high that you cannot board the train if you do not have a ticket to show.

The Kuala Lumpur to Singapore train route might take a longer while for passengers to arrive in Singapore. However, the convenience of their passengers will surely compensate its lack of speed.

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