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Few things to keep in mind while booking Batam ferry tickets

If you are in Singapore and searching something to extend your holiday, Batam Island is the best getaway option for you. It takes only 45 minutes in Batam ferry to get there. Since it is so near to the major city of Singapore, it has become one of the favorite holiday destinations for Singaporeans.

But while planning this short journey, you have to keep few things in mind while making the booking online through easybook batam ferry tickets online.

tickets1. Pre-booking option

if you are planning to book a personal yacht rather than a public ride option, you have to pre- book your ride. It takes less than a minute to choose your timings and payment.
There are a numerous number of companies providing the ferry rides from Singapore to Batam. You just have to make a wise choice.

2. The timings

The ferry ride services start at 9 am in the morning on weekdays and at 8 am during weekends. You must check in with your luggage and ticket about an hour ago so that no misunderstanding and cancelling of plans happens.

3. The class

There are a number of classes reserved in public ferries for different classes of people. If you are going in an Emerald class, you will definitely enjoy some perks. They provide luggage retain ability. Also, you will be getting some eatable options.

4. The fare

The fare is about 8$ when it comes to general class and you will not get any perks in this case. However, when you are going for a private yacht or emerald class in a public boat, you will surely have to pay an extra amount. But as the matter of fact, people who travel rarely prefer to take a private yacht or emerald class option as these trips and memories are not made regularly.

5. The reaching time

It takes around 45-50 minutes normally in a standard ferry. If there have been some discrepancies or faults before the departure of a ferry, it will be delayed by less than 15 minutes.

Batam is a beautiful island and you will be stunned by its sea view and never ending activity options. You must take a resort to stay as they really provide some discounts and you won’t be regretting after spending some extra money. Apart from these, you get a chance to view wildlife closely and enjoy the water sports. Now-a-days, many Singaporeans have started organizing their events in this beautiful place.

As the grand event hosting is not a regular thing here, there’s a chance you will get great discounts and offers during the season. It’s just that in how much advance you are booking the venue. And yes, you get both indoor and outdoor options for the venue. Generally, people book an outdoor venue as it gives a spectacular view of sea to the guests and the awesome weather mesmerizes your soul.

So, if you are staying in Singapore or living there already, planning a weekend in Batam, then do advance booking of Batam ferry tickets.

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